LANG stands for precise movements

This year, the world wide acting producer of milling machines and positioning systems presents interesting innovations to the area of control systems - the LSTEP esxpress and LHT series

With LSTEP PCI express and LSTEP express, the LANG company presents an extensive control system for different activities. With the LSTEP PCI express you can move stepping motors up to 4 axis and with maximum motor current of 5A without problems. The fourth axis, which is available as a clip-card, afford a maximum phase current of 10A. Application areas of this card are there, where high-precision positioning-assignments are requested. Also LANG presents the new measuring table from the LHT series with flat surface. With more than 1,6 million microsteps per motor revolution, this PC stepping motor control-system sets new standards on the area of positioning-systems.

Hardness testing table LHT 500 200x88
The maximum dimension is 280x88mm. The tables are available with T-slots or a flat surface with holes.