WIN - Commander takes off

Due to the recent update of the software WIN - Commander, the user receives some innovations that are working with the controller of LANG greatly facilitate and improve it.

In the new version it is possible to use and control up to 9 Com interfaces.
The window settings were revised and the settings are saved in the “ini - file” automatically, this will make it more comfortable to work with the WIN – Commander.

The command “VelFac” is now automatically used by the WIN – Commander with the speed settings. This has the advantage that you can work at small speeds with up to 3 decimal places.

The number formatting of the dimensions micro-step and ?m, compared to the previous version was greatly expanded, now it is possible to approach positions during the traverse path.

In addition, there is a new version of the Application Programmer Interface (API short), which includes 3 new commands to both, the current API version can be determined (GetAPIVersion) and the other now the "VelFac" - command is set for each axis separately (SetVelFacSingleAxis), equally it is possible to turn the digital joystick off (command “SetDigJoyOff”). The commands can also be integrated in your software environment.

The "VelFac" - command speed can be read out in the new API version.

Due to the API it is possible to integrate controls of the LSTEP or ECO - STEP family in your own software environment and thus you can get an optimal software and hardware solution for your needs from a single source.