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The company LANG, founded in 1972 at Hüttenberg, with 75 employees and its managing directors Volker and Thomas Kozian, represents a world-wide successful company in the field of machine tool manufacturing. Besides the CNC engraving and milling machines, the digitizing and positioning systems, as well as CAD/CAM software are the products which are developed, produced and world-wide successfully sold by the companys’ own. The automotive, minting, toy, wafer or packing industry is only a small range of the fields where LANG products are used. New innovations and quality always apply again and again in high standard in order to be different to their competitors.

The main competence of LANG is based on the ability to offer the customer complete system solutions for his requirements. Beginning with the digitizing system LDIGIT, followed by the  CAD/CAM software LErgoCAD and Reliefdesigner up to the machines, with those the generated data are output.  With LANG you have only one partner for your idea up to the  finished products who is competent on your side

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