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  • 11.03.2024 - LANG presents a new modular system: Versatile usable linear axes

    11.03.2024 - LANG presents a new modular system: Versatile usable linear axes

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    "The new generation of axis systems from our company comes - unlike many other manufacturers - from the development of our mechanical engineering and is accordingly robust and resilient, but still highly precise," explains Ralf Rink, Head of Automation Systems Development at Lang GmbH & Co. KG. The system is versatile and combinable. It can be controlled in stepper motor mode, as well as in regulated stepper motor and servo operation. Optionally, length measuring systems and motor encoders can be used.

    As a modular system, LMOVE 300 can be individually adapted. It is designed to work with the controllers of the Express family from Lang and, in combination, enables a flexibly deployable, synchronous point-to-point positioning system. The manufacturer has integrated various functions. The linear axes can be used either as a single axis or combined as a cross table. The connector output is executed either laterally or in the axis direction.

    The linear axes are suitable, for example, for handling, testing, and plant systems, mechanical and plant engineering, microscopy, laboratory automation, microassembly, and medical technology. Image processing, wafer inspection, and handling systems are also among the possible application areas.

  • 15.02.2024 - One face, many shades: "Hungarian Mint" produces minting dies for commemorative circulation coins with LANG machines

    15.02.2024 - One face, many shades: "Hungarian Mint" produces minting dies for commemorative circulation coins with LANG machines

    Hungarian manufacturer of commemorative coins uses the Pulsaris 300 transfers precise raster images for minting coins using the frosting function

    Hüttenberg, xx. February 2024 - The production of a coin with a raster image requires special techniques and processes in order to mint the desired motif with precise details and nuances. For the production of its 200 Forint commemorative circulation coins, the mint "Magyar Pénzverő" (Hungarian Mint) therefore relies on special CNC milling and laser engraving machines from LANG GmbH & Co. KG ( The Pulsaris 300, for example, offers functions such as frosting. This allows different shades to be created on the embossing dies - for example for facial structures - and images to be transferred in great detail.

    The Hungarian Mint is a state mint that produces circulation coins for Hungary. It is fully owned by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, central bank of Hungary and is solely responsible for minting coins of the Hungarian forint. In addition to minting circulation coins for domestic use, it also produces a range of commemorative coins, collector coins and medals. The origins of the mint reach back to the founding of the Kingdom of Hungary, when silver denars under the state founder King Stephen I's reign were minted.

    Grid image is transferred with the highest precision during minting
    When minting the 200 Forint commemorative circulation coin "Petöfi", for example, special CNC milling and laser engraving machines are required to precisely transfer a raster image onto the coin. The coin shows the image of the Hungarian poet and national hero Sandor Petöfi, whose 200th anniversary of birth the coin is dedicated to. With the LANG machines, the Hungarian Mint achieves an even better surface quality in the production of the dies.

    Joachim Steidel, Sales Manager of LANG GmbH & CO. KG, explains: "The Hungarian Mint has been relying on LANG's software solutions and special machines for years to produce the dies for its coins. Our Pulsaris 300 was used for the first time in 2015, followed by the Impala 400express in 2017. With the help of the Pulsaris 300, important functions such as frosting can be used. This is particularly important for minting a coin with a face contour, as many shades are used here. This cannot be achieved using simple linear structures."

    The Pulsaris 300 laser engraving machine is used to produce and finish high-quality embossing dies with the finest structures. In addition, surface processing with rainbow effects can be realized in just a few seconds. This opens up a wide range of possibilities not only for the coin industry.

    The Impala 400express milling machine is also specially designed to fulfill the requirements of the coin industry. The machine is equipped with modern drive and control technology and guarantees continuous high-speed machining.

    As a system supplier with over 35 years of experience in the coin industry, LANG offers its customers specially developed machines, corresponding software, training, services and control systems from a single source. The machines and systems for lasering and engraving are all-in-one solutions, not just for the coin industry.

  • 27.09.2022 - 50 Years LANG

    27.09.2022 - 50 Years LANG

    On 27 September 2022, Cosmos of Collectibles published an article on our 50th anniversary in cooperation with CoinsWeekly. In it, Dr. Ursula Kampmann highlights the technical innovations of the minting industry that were made possible thanks to the precise LANG milling and engraving machines. She also mentions the new Impala 900S, which we presented on the occasion of the AMB in Stuttgart. Click here to read the article.

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