Hardness testing tables

LHT series

The LHT series from LANG can be used for hardness testing and it can endure a lot and makes also a good visual impression. Of course the cross tables can be used where high precision is needed or for industrial application

Tables of the LHT series are characterized by a low height and high repeatability. With a maximum pressure capacity of 3.000N the tables are particularly suited for tests with high impression forces. All aluminum parts have a high-quality black anodizing protective layer, which make an industrial using of the tables possible. The maximum range is 400 x 150 mm. The top plate can be equipped with T-Slots or holes for different clamping methods.

LANG offers different types of the LHT tables – Please ask us for your table.

Technical data Hardness testing tables

Measuring range:[mm]150 x 50
[mm]100 x 50
[mm]100 x 100
[mm]280 x 88
Motor:2-phase stepping motor
Travel speed:[mm/s]40 with 1 mm spindle
Pressure:[N]500 N, 3.000 N
Surface:T-slots or flat with holes

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