HVM 100

The established height lifting tables HVM 100 have a low hight and a high repeatability. Because of the prestressed guides, smooth drive and a high capacity are possible. All aluminium parts have a high quality black eloxal-coating, for making the lifting table capable for the industry. The maximum range are 30mm.

Technical data HVM 100

Speed[mm/s]max. 12
Bearing capacity[N]max. 150
Breakdown torque (Mx, My)[N m]max 1
Repeatability (bidirectional)[µm]<6
positioning error[µm]<60
Yaw angle[µrad]<170
pitch angle[µrad]<170
Lateral deviation[µm]<10
Motor operating voltage[V]max. 40
Motor nonrelease voltage[V]3,2
Motor current[A]max. 1,8
Lift pro motor revolution[µm]500
Steps pro motor revolution200
ambient operating temperatur[°C]+10 to +50

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