Multifunctional, combinable linear axis

LANG offers a new generation of axis systems, matched to the controls of the LANG Express family. In this combination it is a flexibly applicable synchronous point-to-point positioning system.

LMOVE impresses with its combinable axes, as a single axis or combined as a cross table. The plug output can also be defined laterally or in the direction of the axis, depending on the space requirements. Thanks to our experience in the mechanical engineering sector, we have developed here an extremely robust, resilient and yet highly precise linear axis.

For use of the axis in vertical operation or when external forces are applied, a variant with an integrated motor brake is of course also available.

Uncontrolled and controlled stepper motor mode as well as servo mode can be selected as drive mode. Optionally, you can choose between the use of a length measuring system and a motor encoder. In addition, the controls offer a wide range of integrated functions.

The most economical version of our LMOVE 300 is operated in stepper motor mode and already has a very high positioning resolution in conjunction with our LSMART express control. The positioning accuracy is also exceptionally good.

With the selection of a linear measuring system, it is possible to achieve a further significant increase in positioning accuracy in closed-loop operation.

For higher demands on dynamics - e.g. to shorten process cycle times - the axis can also be moved in servo mode in conjunction with an additional motor encoder.

LANG also offers controls, motors and handling systems - coordinated components from just one manufacturer!

Technical data LMOVE 300

TravelPitchResolutionAccuracy without meas. systemAccuracy with meas. system
LT 550 mm1 mm20 nm5 µm1 µm
LT 5100 mm1 mm20 nm5 µm1 µm
LT 5170 mm1 mm20 nm8 µm2 µm
LT 6200 mm2 mm40 nm8 µm2 µm
LT 6300 mm2 mm40 nm9 µm3 µm
LT 8200 mm5 mm100 nm8 µm2 µm
LT 8300 mm5 mm100 nm8 µm3 µm

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