Linear tables

LT Series

Our linear tables are distinguished in particular by their high accuracy combined with sturdiness. The material is black aluminum alloy anodized low tension. Selected junction roller guides and pre stressed, backlash-free ball screws contribute to highest standards of positioning accuracy. Our own optimized production technology as well as in-house assembly warrant operational precision standards that even penetrate the realms of air-bearing technology. For example, our LT5-LxxA is geared to maximum levelness and linearity deviation of 1µm over the entire stroke of 100 mm.

Technical data LT series

TravelPitchResolutionAccuracy without meas. systemAccuracy with meas. system
LT 550 mm1 mm20 nm5 µm1 µm
LT 5100 mm1 mm20 nm5 µm1 µm
LT 5170 mm1 mm20 nm8 µm2 µm
LT 6200 mm2 mm40 nm8 µm2 µm
LT 6300 mm2 mm40 nm9 µm3 µm
LT 8200 mm5 mm100 nm8 µm2 µm
LT 8300 mm5 mm100 nm8 µm3 µm

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