LTM series

The cheap linear stages of the LTM 80 series are suitable for applications in continuous operation as well as fitting in machines. The special guides make sure a practical slip-stick-free drive and high capacity. Because of the combination of the material in the elevating screw and the screw nut we can assure low abrasion and high durability. All aluminium components have a high quality black Eloxal-coating.

Technical data LTM series

Velocity[mm / s]max. 10
Load capacity[N]max. 150
Actuating force[N]max. 60
Moment of tilt (Mx, My, z)[N m]max. 15
Spindle pitch[mm]1
Rrepeatability (bidirectional)[µm]<15
Positioning error[µm / mm]<25 / 100
Yaw angle[µrad]<300
Pitch angle[µrad]<250
Vertical deviation[µm]<5
Lateral deviation[µm]<8
Motor voltage[V]max. 50
Holding voltage[V]3,2
Motor current[A] per phasemax. 1,8
Steps / pulses per motor rev.200 in full-step mode
Ambient operating temperature[°C]+10 up to +50
Range[mm]70, 95, 145, 195, 295
Guidesgrinded finde thread spindle with free of play thrust bearing, rust-resistent, grinded Steel bearings
Drivestepper motor
Materialhigh-strength aluminium special alloy
Limit switchhigh-strength limit switch (Hall-effect)
Optionalz-assembly-set for LTM 80
xy-assembly-set for LTM 80

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