DMT 200

This precision rotary measuring stage allows unlimited rotation angles at resolutions of les than one angular minute. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical rotational axes.

The precision ball bearings and the worm gear drive are preloaded, to allow a nearly backlash-free positioning.

All aluminium parts have a top quality black anodised protective coating.

Technical data DMT 200

Angle of rotationunlimited
Repeatability (bidirectional)[°]<0,02
Speed[°/s]max. 30
Drive torque[N m]max. 30
Load capacity, radial[N]1.000
Load capacity, axial[N]1.000
Radial runout[µm]<10
Axial runout[µm]<20
Motor voltage[V]max. 50
Holding voltage[V]2,54
Motor current[A]max. 3,2 per Phase
Steps / pulses per motor revolution200 in full-step mode
Ambient operating temperature without condensation[°C]+10 bis +50
Storage temperature without condensation[°C]-20 bis +70

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