RT series

The RT series of our precision rotation stages is used where rotation-symmetric components and assemblies are measured with highest accuracy or for positioning. The free from float pre-stressed ball bearings guarantee a hugh true running accuracy . A step-motor is included in the basic version.

Technical data RT series

ModelRT 4 RT 5
Central bore:[Ø mm]2660
Overall size:[mm]80120

Models RT series

RT4-NSOC with step motor80 x 80 mm
RT4-NSMA with step motor and rotary encoder80 x 80 mm
RT5-NSOA with step motor100 x 100 mm
RT5-NSMA with step motor, measuring system100 x 100 mm
RT6-NSOC with step motor160 x 160 mm
RT6-NSMA with step motor and rotary encoder160 x 160 mm
RT7-NSOC with step motor225 x 225 mm
RT7-NSMA with step motor, measuring system225 x 225 mm

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