Technical data ECO-STEP

Axes:3 or 6 axes
Resolution:50,000 micro steps per motor revolution for a 200-step motor
Motor speed:adjustable from 0,0001 to 40 s-1 (depending on Motor type)
Motor current:[A]adjustable by steps of 0,01 A up to max 1,25 A without ventilation / max 2,5 A with ventilation
User interface:Win-Commander
Commands:high-performance instruction set, compatible with the positioning systems of the LSTEP series
API:DLL-interface for Delphi, Visual C++, Visual-Basic and LAB-View, class library for C# // all for 32 bit or 64 bit



One controler - Many possibilities!

The LANG positioning system ECO-STEP is a high-resolution stepping-motor-control for three or six axes equipped with 2/4 phase stepping motors. The dynamic micro step operation enables fast positioning movements with high accuracy. ECO-STEP connects to your PC via USB-port or the optional Serial RS 232 Interface.

The integration of the controller and power amplifiers in one compact housing, enables the setup of a cost-efficient complete system. For easy and competitive integration in your application, ECO-STEP is also available as a board without housing.

Our software WIN Commander also allows user-specific configuration of ECO-STEP. The free LANG API allows the integration into your own software environment.

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