ECO step

One controler - Many possibilities!

The LANG positioning system ECO step is a high-resolution stepper motor control for three axes equipped with 2 phase stepper motors. The dynamic micro step operation enables fast positioning movements with high accuracy. ECO step connects to your PC via USB-port or the optional Serial RS 232 Interface.

The integration of the controller and power amplifiers in one compact housing enables the setup of a cost efficient complete system. For easy and competitive integration in your application, ECO step is also available as a inexpensive PCB version without housing.

Our software WIN Commander also allows user-specific configuration of ECO step. The free LANG API allows the integration into your own software environment.

Application area

  • Handling machines
  • Machinery- and plant engineering
  • Test and analyzer systems
  • AFM microscopy
  • Waferinspection
  • Micro assembling
  • Laboratory automation
  • Medical technology
  • Clean room applications

Technical data ECO step

Power supply 24 V DC with external power supply
Interfaces USB, RS232
Safety functions power amplifier enable, stopp-input
Axes up to 3 axes synchronous and individually controllable
Motor phase current up to 1,25 A continuous current with passive cooling, up to 2,50 A continuous current with active cooling
Motor resolution 1.000 microsteps per pole pair in microstepper mode
Operating tool LANG WIN-Commander Version 4
End switch ports via motor plug
API DLL-Interface for Delphi, Visual C++ und Visual-Basic, to integrate in your MS® WindowsTM-application
Commands individually customisable through a variety of commands

Options ECO step

Joystick analog joystick for 3 axes
Digital inputs and outputs up to 5 inputs and outputs
Analog inputs and outputs up to 5 inputs and outputs
Customised cables pre-assembled motor cables, pre-assembled encoder cables, further cables on demand

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