LSTEP-PCI compact

One controler - Many possibilities!

For positioning with the utmost precision

The LANG LSTEP-PCI compact Positioning System is a high-resolution stepping motor controller in the form of a PCI plug-in module for the PC. This device is used to control three axes with 2/4 phase stepping motors. Communication between the PC and the controller takes place through the PCI bus topped by a Dual-Port Ram or the RS 232  interface.
Dynamic micro step operations allow positioning processes to be done quickly and with the highest precision. The small dimensions of the PCI-board allow an integration in nearly every PC-housing.

The integration of a controller and power amplifiers on a plug-in device for the PC provides compact, EMC-compliant systems without additional mechanical requirements. This solution is ideal for applications where cost is a sensitive factor. A wide range of equipment options provides more flexibility, allowing you to adapt the system to meet your individual needs.

Our software WIN Commander also allows user-specific configuration of LSTEP compact. The free LANG API allows the integration into your own software environment.

Technical data LSTEP-PCI compact

Axis:3 axis
Resolution:50.000 micro steps per motor revolution for a 200-step motor
Motor revolution:max. 40s-1 (depends on motor voltage and type)
Motor current:[A]max. 3,75 A per motor phase
PC plug-in card:[V]logic voltage supply and Reset via the PCI bus, separate 4-pole plug for motor voltage supply: 12 V from PC-power pack, or 11.4 V - 48 V from an external power pack
Communication:[V]PC via dual-ported Ram or RS232 interface, disposed on connecting plug, PC internal communication
Communication connectors slot bracket:[V]25 pin D-SUB connector for 3 motors, per 2 limit switches, e. g. external power pack, DIP-switch for Reset and firmware-update, 9 pin D-SUB connector for external joystick or options
Dimensions:[mm]233,7 (236“) x 98,5 (106,7“) mm - compact design

Options LSTEP PCI compact

Standard options:16 digital inputs and outputs
4 analog inputs, 1 analog output, PT 100 interface
3 TTL-transducer inputs for position monitoring
Multi-function port (MFP):
Path-synchronous trigger output, snapshot input
Inputs for clock pulse, direction of rotation, and stop
Outputs for clock pulse and direction of rotation for 3 more axes
Win – Commander software for LANG controllers
API DLL interface for Delphi, Visual C++, Visual-Basic and LabVIEW
Windows10 64Bit Driver on request

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