One controler - Many possibilities!

High resolution stepping motor controller for controlling up to three axes with 2/4 phase stepping motors. Dynamic micro step operation allows positioning operations to be done very quickly with the utmost of precision.
The convenient user interface WinCommander provides even more operational functionality via the serial interface.
A wide range of equipment options is available for even more flexibility, allowing you to adapt the system to meet your individual requirements. The free LANG API allows the integration into your own software environment.

Technical data LSTEP

Axes:3 axes
Resolution:up to 50,000 micro steps per motor revolution for a 200-step motor (optional: 400,000 micro steps)
Motor speed:max. 40 s-1
Motor current:max. 5 A
PC connection:RS 232 interface, data transmission speed up to 57,600 Baud
Limit switch:Up to three limit switch inputs per axis, TTL or open-collector, 5 V / 12 V, polarity can be set by program
User interface:Win-Commander high-performance instruction set, compatible with the positioning systems of the LSTEP series
API:DLL-interface for Delphi, Visual C++, Visual-Basic and LAB-View

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