Digitizing system

LDIGIT express

The universal unit to scan and digitize 3D free-form surfaces and relief models, for ex. for producing coining dies. It is perfectly aligned to highest scan demands. Due to high dynamic linear motor axis, a Y-Z-portal to fix the sensor system as well as the latest version of the LANG software package Relief-Designer Scan, it’s possible to execute the most complex digitization within the shortest possible time. The in-house developed positioning control LSTEP express, integrated in the system, enables in combination with the linear motor axis a quick and trouble-free scanning with a max. acceleration of 10 m/s². The newly integrated Micro-Epsilon laser system is fast and accurate. A scan speed of up to 800 mm/s depending on scan resolution is possible. The activation is controlled via a PC with innovative and user friendly touch operation. Breadboard bore holes in the table offer highest flexibility when clamping the models.

Technical data LDIGIT express

Working range (XxY)[mm]400 x 400 x 150
Scanning area (XxY)[mm]397 x 400
Maximum load capacity[kg]20
Dimensions (WxDxH)[mm]1.110 x 830 x 1.800
Weight of machine[kg]335
X axis resolution (measuring system)[µm]<0,1
Y axis resolution (measuring system)[µm]0,125
Z axis resolution (measuring system)[µm]0,125
Recommandet scanning resolution[µm]from 10
Measuring range
with ILD2300-2 mm2
with ILD2300-10 mm10
with ILD2300-20 mm20
with ILD2300-50mm50
ControllerLSTEP express
Scanning softwareRelief-Designer Scan

Standard equipment

  • Basic unit with motor driven cross table
  • Laser system "Micro-Epsilon", laser safety class 2
  • Base frame with PC and stepper motor controller LSTEP express
  • Software package Relief-Designer Scan

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