CAD+Design is an "all in one" 64-bit software package consisting of LErgoCAD and Relief Designer, which now interact simultaneously. Changes made in one program are automatically reflected in the other program. The saving and opening of the LG3 file needed for the stand-alone versions of the programs is no longer necessary.

A button in the taskbar allows you to quickly switch between the programs. This connection is time-saving for the user and error sources are minimized.


  • Software package of LErogCAD and Relief-Designer     
  • Simultaneous machining in both programs
  • Quick change via hotkeys
  • Object-oriented structure
  • Definition of machining strategies
  • Automatic calculation of various machining strategies
  • Own program libraries
  • Drawing and typographic design tools
  • Preparation of text lines and text blocks
  • Drilling strategies
  • Scale assistant
  • Relief creation and processing
  • CAM calculation for milling/engraving and laser machines
  • Manufacturing simulation

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