LTire Design

LTire – Software under Microsoft® Windows™ for fast and efficient construction of the total design of a tire sidewall mould and for LANG 4-axis machines for rotationally symmetrical round moulds (LGT, LGT-S, LGR, LGR-S).

The program offers the usual CAD functions and beyond that a lot of automated functions, particularly optimised for designing tire sidewalls.


  • Text record functions (e.g. justified setting, text on arc), support of fonts, special-fonts,font character editor
  • Comfortable pocket construction
  • Automatic clearing of fonts and logos with consideration of tool geometry: The automatic cutter radius correction produces the CAM data for all necessary tools in only one calculation passage (including those for clearing and contour paths)
  • Comfortable visual marking function for partial output of data on the machine
  • Digitization of the surface data directly on the tire sidewall mould or import of the surface cut line from CAD systems
  • Tool management: tool requirement calculation, production parameter (e.g. spindle revolution and speed), programmable depending on tools
    Engraving of arbitrary free form surfaces/reliefs on the tire sidewall mould
  • Layer-, tool- and object management
  • Choosing of different object formatting on the tire sidewall mould (e.g. polar, cartesian, rolled on surface, projected on surface)

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