LTire Design

LTire – Software under Microsoft® Windows™ for fast and efficient construction of the total design of a tire sidewall mold as well as operating LANG 4-axis machines for rotationally symmetrical round molds (LGT, LGT-S, LGR, LGR-S and LGT-S Laser). The program offers the usual CAD functions and furthermore a wide range of automated functions, particularly optimised for designing tire sidewalls.

LTire runs on the machine PC with its graphical interface, guaranteeing easy and intuitive operation of the machine - workshop and PC programming with the same software.


  • Optimal output quality with minimized milling times and tool wear
  • Text layout functions
  • Engraving of arbitrary free-form surfaces or reliefs (also grayscale images)
  • Convenient layer, tool and object management
  • Digitizing of surfaces directly on the tire sidewall mold
  • GUI with UniCode support in all languages
  • Drilling with LANG drilling cycles
  • Individual generation of pocket stamps
  • Easy creation of CAM data
  • Submerging strategies for low tool wearing
  • Direct import of DXF, DWG and IGES vector data
  • Multipositioning
  • Programming with the same software on the CAD-PC and on the machine

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