Extremely powerful software designed for Microsoft® Windows™ with a multiplicity of functions for relief designing, relief machining and the production of milling data.
Relief-Designer is fully compatible with the other software packages of LANG. Relief-Designer can also be combined with LANG digitization systems.

Relief-Designer is also available in the software package CAD+Design (including LErgoCAD).


  • Relief designing by using cutting intersection lines inside/outside of boundary curves
  • Creation of textures and borders along contours
  • Surface recalculation from milling data
  • Male / female calculation
  • Editing of (scanned) reliefs
  • Transformation of reliefs (e. g. rotating, mirroring, scaling)
  • Projection on different surfaces with different modes (circular arc, cylinder, frustum)
  • Easy input of parameters through CAM- assistants
  • Visualization of reliefs as altitudinal and 3D-view
  • Import of relief data (grey scale TIFF), import from Adobe Photoshop, I llustrator, Corel Draw
  • Creation of free-form surfaces from geometric elements
  • Generation of many different relief textures
  • Milling data simulation
  • Management of design construction steps in the CAD tree

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