Relief-Designer Scan

Digitizing program for LANG digitization systems. This software program is made for the digitization of free form surfaces and relief models with a laser scanner.


  • 3D digitization of free form surfaces
  • User-friendly wizards and dialogs
  • Select and digitize concept to digitize parts of the relief
  • Actual measuring range (focus position of sensor) can be found automatically
  • User can specify the desired X, Y resolution through the software
  • Digitization report (e.g. start, end time)
  • Digitization summary in relief file
  • Verify Z position for digitization
  • Digitization area can be entered through keyboard or by „Teach-In“ with laser
  • Automatically storage of the surface data after digitization
  • Possibility of saving and reloading all parameters of a digitization.
  • Digitization is possible in different shapes - Rectangle, Circle or Polygon
  • Several different materials can be digitized in a sequential order or in a single start

Processing functions:

  • Marking of individual relief points or relief areas
  • Modification of the scanned values (individual points, marked areas)
  • Various filter functions (total relief, marked areas) for handling of the scanned relief data
  • Relief transformation (Mirroring, Rotating, Moving, Scaling, Shearing, Inverting)
  • Comfortable display functions as Grey steps, Rainbow view, Isohypses view or Lighting simulation


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