LGT-S Laser

The LGT-S Laser is a special high-precision laser engraving machine for tire sidewall molds. All the know-how LANG has gained from the conventional production of tire sidewall molds and the experience with laser engraving technology in other industries is combined in the LGT-S Laser. A powerful laser beam replaces the usual high frequency spindle. The machine body is a heavy duty, torsions free, tubular steel construction filled with a vibration reducing compound to ensure an extremely high stability. The maintenance-free fiber laser guarantees a fast processing time and highest accuracy. Thus, high-resolution surfaces for an eye-catching design and safety features can be realized. Maintenance costs and times are reduced by a self-cleaning exhaust system.

The compatibility with the LANG LGT-S machines and software ensures short training and set-up times. Workpieces can be easily changed between milling and laser machines without time-consuming measuring because of using the same software. As a result, the user can optimally exploit the high-speed of the milling machine and the high precision of the laser machine.
A bundle with digitizing- and output software together with a high end control software specially designed for this specific production branch is included as standard.

  • Engraving movements follow by a 4-axis High End AC Servo control
  • Largest engravable work piece diameter: 1.530 mm (60
  • CAD/CAM Software LTire M

Technical data LGT-S Laser

Largest clampable work piece diameter[mm]1.530
Largest engrave able work piece diameter[mm]1.530
Rotary table faceplate[mm]1.200
Max. load[kg]3.000
Working range C(rotary table)360°
Working range X[mm]0-765
Working range Z[mm]400
Working range B+60°/-45°
Machine controlHigh-End AC Servo control
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15,7
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15
Measuring systemGlass scale
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15
Measuring systemGlass scale
Position uncertainty (VDI/DGQ3441P)0,012°
Max. rapid speed[m/min]18,8
Max. space requirement (LxBxH)[mm]4.400 x 3.300 x 3.200
Weight of machine[kg]6.000
Additional featuresMechanical scanning of a mould surface
Extraction and filter system

Application area

The LGT-S Laser can be used in the following area

  • Automotive industry
  • Tire industry

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