Pulsaris 300

The Pulsaris 300 is the perfect partner for the production of dies, engravings, labels and complex, fine structures. The Pulsaris 300 impresses with its compact and ergonomic design. The LANG laser machine Pulsaris 300 allows the
tool free and contactless engraving and marking in hardened and non hardened steel and other metals and materials. The machine is equipped with a hole matrix table, which allows different clamping methods. With the laser
technology it is possible to achieve finest structures, which can‘t be obtained by traditional engraving systems. Also the labeling or engravings of deep areas of your work piece are possible with this unique laser machine.

Rainbow effekt by LANG with Pulsaris 300

Technical data Pulsaris 300

Dimensions (W/D/H)[mm]1.560 / 1.800 / 2.300
Weight of machine[kg]2.000
Working range (X/Y/Z)[mm]300 / 300 / 300 (referring to middle of work piece and focus)
Max. load capacity (work piece and accessories)[kg]100
Measuring systemGlass scales
ControllerLNC express
Output softwareLDriver
Standard laser unit
Laser mediumFiber laser
Power in ground mode (TEM00)[W]2050
Cooling systemAir cooled
Pulse repetition rate[kHz]25 - 1.00025 - 1.000
F-Theta objective[mm]80100150
Max. scan field[mm]45 x 4554 x 54110 x 110
Smallest spot size[µm]233047
Special features / optionsF-Theta telecentric objectiveF-Theta telecentric objectiveF-Theta objective; not telecentric

Application area

The LANG Pulsaris 300 is perfect for the production of

  • Embossing dies
  • Cliches for security papers
  • Hot foil stamps
  • Injection molds for the toy industry
  • Juwelry
  • Lasermarking

Standard equipment

  • Hole matrix table for universal clamping
  • Maintenance free fiber laser (20 W or 40 W)
  • F-Theta objective f = 80 mm, telecentric (Standard)
  • Integrated camera system for the automatic detection of
    the position and for the measuring and adjusting of the
    work piece
  • servo and stepper motor controller LNC express
  • Data backup package
  • LDriver

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