RM 500S Laser

High tech to the highest standards - LANG RM 500S Laser. Where you reach the limits of milling due to tool geometry, there comes our RM laser model in play. With a fiber laser with 1 064 nm wavelength, delicate small structures can be put into practice. Contrary to conventional methods, the laser works contactless, without any mechanical forces and without tool abrasion. Other advantages of this quite new technology are geometrical flexibility and high accuracy.
I rrespective of material hardness, this technology can be applied. All our experience in RM machines in the past is integrated in this unique machine. This machine is based on a granite portal as well and is to a large extent comparable with the other RM machines. Servodrives and glass scales provide continuous closed loop feedback operation and correction.

Technical data RM 500S Laser

Dimensions (L/W/H)[mm]3.150 / 2.710 / 2.675
Weight of machine[kg]4.500
Working range (X/Z)[mm]500, 170
Max. feed rate (X/Z)[m/min]10, 20
Max. load capacity[kg]350
Max. cylinder body length[mm]450
Cylinder diameter[mm]20-200
Max. cylinder Journal diameter[mm]100
Standard laser unitFiber laser
Power in ground mode (TEM00)[W]40
Pulse repetition rate[kHz]25-500
Cooling systemNone (air-cooled)
Objective[mm]80 (telecentric, f-theta)
Laser spot size[µm]45
Max. scan field[mm]45 x 45 (depending on work piece diameter)
Max. scan in Clipping mode[mm]35 x 35 (depending on work piece diameter)
Optical Z-Axis[mm]+/- 2,5 (traverse path with 80 mm-objective)
Working distance[mm]79 (object lens bottom edge - work piece)
ControllerAndronic 3060
Output softwareLDriver

Standard equipment

  • RGV 420
  • Direct measuring system
  • Maintenance free fiber laser (40 W)
  • F-Theta objective f = 80 mm, telecentric (Standard)
  • Integrated camera system for the automatic detection of the position and for measuring and adjusting of the work piece
  • Andronic controller system
  • Data backup package
  • LDriver

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