Cutter grinder


Grinding and re-sharpening of engraving and milling cutters, of multi-flutecutters, sensor dips and turning and shaping tools. The high precision fine adjustment enables a reading accuracy of 0,01 mm. Further characteristics: Grinding spindle with precision bearings, coordinates measuring device with 20X measuring optic, direct clamping system for change cone systems.

Technical data SU2 - Precision cutter grinder

Motor, Power supply[V]230 - 400
- Power[kW]0,25
- Speed[rpm]2.750
Spindle Speed[rpm]5.500
Wheel diameter[mm]100
Tool diameter[mm]1.0 - 18.0
Nose angle[°]0-180
Negative nose angle[°]0-25
Back-off angle[°]0-45
Lateral adjustment of tool carrier[mm]10
- Longitudinal adjustment[mm]40
- Fine adjustment[mm]20
Indexing wheel divisions[mm]12
Overall dimensions[mm]360 x 480 x 350

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