OMP 40

  • Reduction of set-up time of up to 90%
  • Less setting errors, reduced scrap
  • Fixture costs reduced
  • Improved process controll

OMP 40  meets the demand for probing on small machining centres and the growing family of high-speed machines fitted with small HSK and small taper spindles. The length of this probe matches typical tooling lengths, bringing the significant advantages of probing to such small machines for the very first time.

 Miniaturisation without compromise in performance

While miniaturisation of electronics has allowed the development of an ultra-compact probe measuring only 40mm diameter and 50mm length, the OMP40 uses a well proven optical signal transmission system without any compromise in metrology performance.

Long battery life, minimal downtime and high economy

At typical levels of probe use, a battery-life in excess of 6 month can be expected, minimising machine downtime and maintenance costs.

Shock and vibration resistant, sealed against harsh environments

Sealed to withstand harsh machine tool environments and being highly resistant to false triggering induced by shock and vibration, the OMP40 is fully compatible with existing optical systems and can be used with high-speed, single touch or double touch probing routines.

Technical data Measuring probe

Dimensions[mm]Length: 50
Diameter: 40
Weight with batteries[g]260
Transmissiontype360° infra-red optical transmission
Operating range[m]Up to 5 m
Uni-directional repeatabilty[µm]1
Stylus trigger force (factory set)
low force direction X-Y[N]0,5
high force direction X-Y[N]0,9
+Z direction[N]5,85
Battery type1/2 AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride (3.6 V) x 2
Battery life (standard power)
- Stand by250 days
- transmission mode 5% usage85 days
- continuous life140 days
SealingIP X8

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