Cooling and lubricating jet

Low use of lubricant allows residue-free working, a clean working area and reduction of the work of the personnel as well as a reduction of the costs for cleaning. Long tool life time, because of the friction reduction at the cutter.

Longer tool service life, reduced tool friction at higher cutting rates, prevention of built-up edges.

Workplace and working environment
Cleaner workplace, dry workpieces, dry chips, no lubricant disposal issue, no oily workshop floors, no contamination of the ground.

Shorter downtimes thanks to less maintenance times.

Production rise through increased cutting parameters and longer tool service life. Less defective parts through unhindered view of tool lip.

Costs for cleaning workpieces, machines and their immediate environment can be considerably reduced.

Waste disposal
Treatment and disposal of cooling lubricant are no longer necessary, the high costs involved are dropped. No working time required for maintenance when using microjet.

Reduced risk of accident thanks to clean, oil-free floors, no skin diseases caused by bacteria or fungus infections, none of the resulting staff failures.

Lubrication instead of cooling
Concentrated lubrication reduces the friction at the lips of tools to such
extent that cooling as used in flood lubrication is no longer necessary.

Technical data minimal lubricant device

Technical Data
Systemtype MKS-G100
Max. pressure:7
Max. capacity of container:1,6
Max. contents in container:1
Max. pressure of feeding compressor:10
Opening pressure of the safety valve:7


  • Minute consumption of lubricant
  • Optimum lubricating properties
  • Improvement of tool service life
  • Improvement of workpiece surface quality
  • Improved clean air in the workshop
  • Relief of operators
  • Low secondary costs
  • No appreciable environmental pollution
  • No waste disposal issue
  • High economy of operation

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