The ECOexpress is a HSC milling and engraving system in compact design, equipped with LNC express control and software from LANG.

High precision and durability are guarantees for professional use. Due to the large working range, engravings and the finest milling and drilling work on punches, embossing tools, electrodes and front panels can be produced quickly and economically.

The cast iron and welded steel construction and the cast iron worktable with T-slots provide the base for low-vibration machining. Backlash-free prestressed guides and precision ball threads in all 3 axes ensure high-quality results. Optimised chip fall and an integrated chip tray guarantee a clean and smooth working process.

The ECOexpress is equipped with the control unit LNC express from LANG. This offers a powerfull extension for high-resolution 3 axis servo control. It enables a higher speed and acceleration as well as more flexibility and comfort in machine operation.

Current output software of this machine is the LDriver from LANG, with a comfortable, Windows 10 based user interface. The graphical visualization of the CAM data on the 21" touch control panel simplifies machine operation significantly, also an additional manual control unit with handwheel encoder and tip mode.

Due to its compact design, the ECOexpress passes through any door with standard dimensions and can be easily set up with a lift truck.


  • Oil mist device
  • Vacuum systems
  • Milling spindle packages
  • Measuring systems
  • Status lamp

Technical data ECOexpress

Work surface (XxYxZ) mm 500 x 600 x 200
Clamping surface (XxY) mm 510 x 700
Traversing speed feed max m/min bis zu 9
Acceleration up to mm/s² 1700
Resolution µm< 0,1
Output software LDriver
ControllerLNC express
Tool changer 8fach
Weight of machine kg 1300
Floor area (BxTxH) mm 2300 x 2300 x 2000 (open doors)
Machine dimensions (BxTxH) mm 1460 x 1600 x 2000 mm
Milling spindlekW S1=1,5
with rated speedrpm 30000
change cone HSK E25

Application area

Reliable partner for the production of

  • Embossing tools
  • Embossing dies (coining dies)
  • Small embossing cylinders
  • Tools and molds for medical technology
  • Electrodes
  • and much more

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