Impala 200LNC

This machine is based on a solid granite design for optimal absorption of vibration and temperature fluctuation. The result is the highest possible production quality. Reliefs, dies, cutting and embossing cylinders... in other words, everything from signs to cylinders made of any number of different materials, including stainless steel, can be produced quickly and economically and with utmost precision on the Impala. A comprehensive range of accessories is available to customize this multi-purpose machine to meet your individual requirements.

This machine is used where highest precision on minimum areas is requested. The small dimensions of the machine allow also the operation in small factories.


  • Rotary axis, RGV 1 2

Technical data Impala 200LNC

Working range (XxYxZ)[mm]300 x 200 x 200 (11,81“ x 7,87“ x 7,87")
Clamping area (XxY)[mm]540 x 260 (21,26“ x 10,24")
Load capacity[kg]150
Feed rate[m/min]6
ControllerLNC Compact
Milling spindle[kW]1,2 kW DS-Spindle (Standard)
Tool changerDS 4 Eco - 4 Stations (Standard)
Chip removalNone
Weight of machine[kg]1.100
Dimensions (LxWxH)[mm]1.080 x 1.420 x 1.820 (42,52“ x 55,91“ x 71,65")
Output softwareLDriver

Application area

The LANG Impala 200LNC - Perfect for the production of e.g.

  • Embossing tools (cylindrical and cubical work pieces)
  • Embossing dies (coining dies)
  • Jewelry
  • Tools and molds for the medical technology
  • and much more

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