Impala 400express

The Impala 400express impresses with precision and versatile functionality - and all this in an extremely compact design with intelligent details for maximum efficiency. This makes it your reliable partner for a wide range of applications.

Economical: The in-house developed control system and the machine are perfectly matched to each other, and with powerful accessories and high-quality tools the best possible efficiency in processing your orders is guaranteed.

Whether, for example, embossing dies and tools, injection moulds, molettes or small embossing cylinders: the Impala 400express achieves optimum results with short production times and high process reliability.

Dynamic: Of course, like all machines of the Impala series, the Impala 400express also has the temperature-stable and vibration-damping granite bed developed by LANG. This enables the special dynamic processing of the variety of materials required by your customers while ensuring maximum precision, so that excellent surface quality is always achieved. At the same time, high-quality servo drives in all axes guarantee optimum results.

Precision: Encapsulated glass scales, high-precision spindles, guide rails...combined with the granite bed and the final assembly by our experienced team, the precision is achieved for which LANG machines are known worldwide.

For setup purposes, the workpieces can not only be measured contactlessly with our camera system, but also measured and documented after processing.

Attention to detail: An optimized chip management with an integrated chip tray allows a clean work at any time without disturbing the work flow. Easily accessible from the outside and perfectly integrated are the maintenance unit, control cabinet and optional cooling lubricant system. As a matter of course, the Impala 400express can be transported without disassembly and is therefore quickly installed on site and available in the shortest possible time.

Durable: Last but not least, this machine also impresses with the same long service life that you can expect from all LANG machines. In fact, our currently oldest machine still in production is well over 30 years old. And even our older machines still look good with a little care: Granite is highly resistant to aggressive media such as cooling lubricants, acids and alkalis.

In case of service: In case it should come to that, we solve about 85% of all service cases online. The compact spindles can be replaced directly by the operator and in combination with our unique rental spindle service, this results in very short downtimes and low service costs. With our tailor-made maintenance contracts we offer you additional security - so that you can take care of the essential things for the whole LANG - machine life!


  • Rotary axis, RGV 12 or RGV 100
  • Column 386mm (Standard), 486mm, 605mm

Technical data Impala 400express

Working range (XxYxZ)[mm] ["]650 x 550 x 250 (25,59 x 21,65 x 9,84)
Clamping surface (XxY)[mm] ["]672 x 700 (26,46 x 27,56)
Load capacity[kg]300
Traversing speed feed[m/min]10
Output softwareLDriver
ControllerLNC express
Tool changerPick-uptool changer with 8 or 16 stations
Weight of machine[kg]ca. 2.500 (plus accessories)
Dimensions (BxDxH)[mm] ["]1.760 x 2.500 x 2.420 ( 69,29 x 98,43 x 95,28)
Milling spindle
Power [kW]1,22,6
Rotation Speed [U/min]60.00050.000
Change coneWK16-6WK19-10/HSK25

Application area

A reliable partner for the production of

  • Embossing tools
  • Embossing dies (coining dies)
  • Small embossing cylinders
  • Tools and molds for medical technology
  • Electrodes
  • and much more

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