Impala 800S

The IMPALA S-series with servo motor control is our answer to the requirements of the market. The IMPALA S-series carries advanced drive and control technology as the basis for high speed machining. These machines offer solutions for a productive high speed machining of hardened steel (up to HRC64) as well as soft materials, stainless steel, plastic, brass, copper,
graphite, wood, etc.The IMPALA 800S is the professional machine for the tool and mold making industry and a strong partner for high precision engraving jobs. Working in hardened materials is no problem because of the rigid construction. By the use of a 4. /5. axis complex, work pieces can be machined. All these
features make the Impala 800S a multitalent.


  • Rotary axis, RGV 1 00S or RGV 431
  • Rotating and swiveling axis
  • Column 590mm (Standard), 730mm, 800mm

Technical data Impala 800S

Working range (XxYxZ)[mm]800 x 800 x 250 (31,5“ x 31,5“ x 9,84")/ Optional Z 400 mm (15,75")
Clamping area (XxY)[mm]900 x 900 (35,43“ x 35,43")
Load capacity[kg]1.200
Feed rate[m/min]25
Milling spindle[kW]10HSKE32-Spindle (Standard)
Tool changerDisk-type tool changer - 20 Stations (Standard)
Chip removalNone (Optional: Chip pan or chip conveyor)
Weight of machine[kg]8.000
Dimensions (LxWxH)[mm]3.800 x 2.900 x 2.750 (149,61“ x 114,17“ x 108,27")
Output softwareLDriver

Applicaion area

The multitalent Impala 800S can be used in many areas such as

  • Embossing tools
  • Electrodes
  • Embossing dies (coining industry)
  • Embossing cylinders
  • Tool and mold making industry
  • Machining of hardened material
  • and much more

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