Granite machine base

For numerous milling applications, a machine base of natural granite offers considerable advantages with respect to precision compared to steel or polymer concrete. The reason for this is the fact that the linear expansion coefficient of granite has just half that of steel. The value for polymer concrete is up to three times greater than for granite. For high precision machines from LANG, granite is the optimal basis.


Granite (red) has extremely good vibration-isolating properties. Steel (yellow) and casted constructions (brown) on the other hand can not absorb vibrations properly enough. This benefit of granite is of special importance during the finishing process.

Thermal expansion

Granite (red) has the lowest expansion by temperature change (blue). Steel (yellow) and polymer concrete (brown) have a much higher expansion. This feature reflects itself 1 :1 on the surface and the quality of the work piece. Because of the usage of granite, LANG machines can achieve a higher quality.

The LANG - formula

Processing time old - processing time new  = saving of time 80%

    •    reducing rework
    •    shorter delivery times
    •    cost reduction
    •    increase the operational safety by reducing the manual rework

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