Machines for the production of tire sidewall molds

The LGR-S is a special high-precision machine for the engraving of 2D and 3D data on tire sidewall molds also in larger versions such as agrar tires and OTR. For this purpose, it is fitted with an additional massive traverse made of granite, which ensures the highest precision even with such sizes and weights.

For loading and unloading by crane of the tire sidewall molds the rotary table of the LGR-S can be moved 1m out of the machining room, which makes the work piece handling very easy. With its large doors, the safety enclosure allows easy loading and unloading of the molds.

For the best possible coordination between machine and control, LANG uses its own LTire software so the user has only one partner to comunicate. LTire is a Microsoft® Windows™ software for fast and efficient design of the complete design of a tire sidewall mold and for operating LANG 4-axis machines for rotational profile symmetrical molds. The program offers the usual CAD functions and, furthermore, a wealth of automated functions specifically adapted to the construction of a tire sidewall design. In addition, LTire runs on the machine PC with its graphic interface, guaranteeing easy and intuitive machine operation.

Machine body with additional options

  • Disk type tool changer with 30 stations
  • Optional Blum-Laser for tool measuring
  • Optional Digitizing system MP15, OMP40

Technical data LGR-S

Max. Ø Aufspannfläche [mm]2.300
Max Ø Bearbeitungsfläche [mm]2.300
Tischgröße [mm]1.200
Aufspanngewichtgewicht [kg]3.000
Verfahrweg C360°
Verfahrweg X [mm]0-1.150
Verfahrweg Z [mm]500
Verfahrweg B+/- 90°
SteuerungHigh-End AC Servo Steuerung, PC basierend, mit TFT Touch Panel
Max. Vorschub [m/min]15,7 (R=600 mm)
Max. Vorschub [m/min]15
Max. Vorschub [m/min]15
Max. Vorschub Standardachse [m/min]7,5 (R=150 mm)
Max. Vorschub verstärkte Achse [m/min]18,8 (R=150 mm)
Platzbedarf (LxBxH) [mm]4.530 x 3.650 x 3.400
Maschinengewicht [kg]9.000
Optionen für Spindeln
Leistung S1 [kW]1,22,610
Drehzahl[U/min] 60.000 50.000 42:000
WechselkegelWK 16-6WK 19-10HSK E32

Application area

The LGR-S can be used in the following area

  • Automotive industry
  • Tire industry

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