The LGR-S is an ultraprecision machine for engraving 2D and 3D data on tire sidewall moulds. The machine body is a heavyduty, torsionfree, tubular steel construction filled with a vibration reducing compound – for an extremely high stability. Tire sidewall moulds for tires for motorbikes, cars, trucks and OTR can be produced to the highest quality on the LGR-S.
The machine will be driven by high dynamic AC servo drives.

Technical data LGR-S

Largest clampable work piece diameter[mm]2.300
Largest engrave able work piece diameter[mm]2.300
Rotary table faceplate [mm]1.200
Max. load[kg]3.000
Working range C(rotary table)360°
Working range X[mm]0-1.150
Working range Z[mm]500
Working range B+/- 90°
Machine controlHigh-End AC Servo control, PC based; 15''TFT
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15,7
Max. rapid feed[m/min]12
Measuring systemGlass scale
Max. rapid feed[m/min]12
Measuring systemGlass scale
Position uncertainty (VDI/DGQ3441P)0,023°
Max. rapid speed[m/min]7,5
Extended safety featuresTool measuring point with Emergency-Off-function; Tool breakage detection
Max. space requirement (LxBxH)[mm]4.175 x 3.650 x 3400
Weight of machine[kg]9.000

Application area

The LGR-S can be used in the following area

  • Automotive industry
  • Tire industry

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