The LGT-S II is a special high-precision milling machine for the engraving of 2D- and 3D-data on tire sidewall molds in nearly every size. The machine body is a heavy duty, torsions free, tubular steel construction filled with a vibration reducing compound- for an extremely high stability. The machine enclosure with the collecting tray allows the wet processing of the molds. Sidewall molds for car tires and truck tires can be produced with best quality. The X- and Z-axis are located on the crosswise frame, the C-axis turns the rotation symmetrical work piece, the B-axis needs to be selected (depends on milling spindle). The LGT-S II wins with its modern, functional design and integrated control cabinet.

Z Axis with weight compensation

  • Rotation axis (B-Axis)
  • Working with milling spindle up to 10 kW
  • Working with tools up to a diameter of 13 mm, HSK E32

Machine body with additional options

  • Disc type tool changer with 30 stations
  • Optional saw head for 10kW spindle for tools with diameter 63,5 mm and 42 mm
  • Optional closing of the roof, exhaust system can be used
  • Optional Blum-Laser for tool measuring

Technical data LGT-S II

Largest clampable work piece diameter[mm]1.530
Largest engrave able work piece diameter[mm]1.530
Rotary table faceplate[mm]1.200
Max. load[kg]3.000
Working range C(rotary table)360°
Working range X[mm]100-765
Working range Z[mm]400
Working range B+/- 90°
Machine controlHigh-End AC Servo control, PC based; 15''TFT
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15,7
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15
Measuring systemGlass scale
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15
Measuring systemGlass scale
Position uncertainty (VDI/DGQ3441P)0,012°
Max. rapid speed[m/min]18,8
Machine enclosurefor wet processing on request
Extended safety featuresTool measuring point with Emergency-Off-function; Tool breakage detection
Max. space requirement (LxWxH)[mm]3.800 x 3.050 x 3.550
Weight of machine[kg]5.500

Application area

The LGT-S II can be used in the following area

  • Automotive industry
  • Tire industry

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