Machines for the production of tire sidewall molds

The LGT-S is a special high-precision milling machine for the engraving of 2D- and 3D-data on tire sidewall molds in nearly every size. Its largest clampable work piece diameter is about 1.530 mm.

This machine wins with its modern, functional design and integrated control cabinet. A maintenance door with internal maintenance units allows easy service of the machines. The enclosed cabin protects the operator from noise and provides safety.

The generous sliding doors make the working area very accessible without obstructing space. The machine enclosure with the collecting tray allows the wet processing of the molds.

Z Axis with weight compensation

  • Rotation axis (B-Axis)
  • Working with milling spindle 1,6 up to 10 kW
  • Working with tools up to a diameter of 13 mm, HSK E32, WK 19 (8mm)

Machine body with additional options

  • Disk type tool changer with 30 stations
  • Optional saw head for 10 kW spindle
  • Optional closing of the roof, exhaust system, chip conveyor, magnetic filter
  • Blum-Laser for tool measuring

Technical data LGT-S

Largest clampable work piece diameter[mm]1.530
Largest engravable work piece diameter[mm]1.530
Rotary table diameter[mm]1.200
Max. load[kg]3.000
Working range C(rotary table)360°
Working range X[mm]100-765
Working range Z[mm]400
Working range B+/- 90°
Machine control High-End AC Servo control, PC based, TFT Touch Panel
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15,7 (R=600 mm)
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15
Measuring systemGlass scale
Max. rapid feed[m/min]15
Measuring systemGlass scale
Max. rapid speed standard axis[m/min]7,5 (R=150)
Max. rapid speed strong axis[m/min]18,8 (R=150)
Max. space requirement (LxWxH)[mm]3.800 x 3.050 x 3.550
Weight of machine[kg]5.500
Options for milling spindles
Power S1[kW]1,22,610
Rotation Speed [U/min] 60.000 50.000 42.000
Change coneWK16-6 WK19-10 HSK E32

Application area

The LGT-S can be used in the following areas

  • Automotive industry
  • Tire industry

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