RM 1200S - RM 1200S/Y

A special engraving machine for the production of cutting and embossing cylinders. It is used in the manufacture of rotary cutting and embossing tools, for example in the printing and packaging industry or the automotive sector.

The counter support, or tailstock, can be moved 1200 mm in the X direction for different roll lengths. The precise cutting of edges on a cutting roller is made possible by an additional axis, the Y-axis. All axes of this machine are driven by servomotors. The standard equipment includes a 2 touch panel for expanding the desktop or adding the camera display. The Blum Z-Nano tool length measuring system, an energy-saving cooling system and a data backup package are also included as standard, enabling safe and comfortable working.

The machine can be loaded easily and smoothly by crane.


  • Camera system
  • Oil mist aspiration
  • Coolant supply with oil rotating and filter system
  • Oil bin for wet processing

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Technical data RM 1200S - RM 1200S/Y

Working range X x Z[mm]1.200 x 250 (47,24'' x 9,84'')
Working range Y for RM 1200S/Y[mm]± 15 (0,59'') (optional)
Diameter of cylinder[mm]80 - 400 (3,15'' x 15,75'')
Body length. max.[mm]1.200 (47,24'')
Journal diameter max. [mm]122 (4,8'')
Feed rate X/Z[m/min]25
Feed rate (Y)[m/min]15
Feed rate (A)[min-1]100
Max. acceleration[m/s²]10
Spindle speed[rpm]5.000 - 60.000
Spindle power[kW]1,2 - 10
Load capacity[kg]1.000
Dimensions LxWxH[mm]4.130 x 2.060 x 3.020 (162,60'' x 81,10'' x 118,90'')
Weight of machine[kg]11.000 (RM 1200S)
Weight of machine[kg]11.500 (RM 1200S/Y)
Output softwareLDriver
Different spindle types
Chain-type tool changer for up to 50 tools
Disk-type tool changer for up to 45 tools
PC measuring optic, inspection camera systems
Laser tool measurement Blum
Edge probe OMP 40
LANG Software package CAD & Design

Application area

The RM 1200S and RM 1200S/Y can be used in the following areas

  • Printing industry
  • packaging industry

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