RM 1200S - RM 1200S/Y

A special engraving machine for the manufacture of cutting and embossing cylinders. The circular engraving device and the counter support are steplessley adjustable in X-direction for the most different cylinder lengths. This result is a high flexibility when choosing the workpieces. A crane loading of the machine with cylinders is possible.


  • Camera system
  • Oil mist aspiration
  • Coolant supply with oil rotating and filter system
  • Oil bin for wet processing

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Technical data RM 1200S - RM 1200S/Y

Working range X x Z[mm]1.200 x 250 (47,24'' x 9,84'')
Working range Y for RM 1200S/Y[mm]± 15 (0,59'') (optional)
Diameter of cylinder[mm]80 - 400 (3,15'' x 15,75'')
Body length. max.[mm]1.200 (47,24'')
Journal diameter max. [mm]122 (4,8'')
Feed rate X/Z[m/min]25
Feed rate (Y)[m/min]15
Feed rate (A)[min-1]100
Max. acceleration[m/s²]10
Spindle speed[rpm]5.000 - 60.000
Spindle power[kW]1,2 - 10
Load capacity[kg]1.000
Dimensions LxWxH[mm]4.130 x 2.060 x 3.020 (162,60'' x 81,10'' x 118,90'')
Weight of machine[kg]11.000 (RM 1200S)
Weight of machine[kg]11.500 (RM 1200S/Y)
Output softwareLDriver
Different spindle types
Chain-type tool changer for up to 50 tools
Disk-type tool changer for up to 45 tools
PC measuring optic, inspection camera systems
Laser tool measurement Blum
Edge probe OMP 40
LANG Software package CAD & Design

Application area

The RM 1200S and RM 1200S/Y can be used in the following areas

  • Printing industry
  • packaging industry

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