LNC express Upgrade for LANG milling machines

A performance extension to the high-resolution 4 axes servo and stepper motor controller LNC express sor your existing Impala 400. The new control equipment is a 4-axis servo and stepper motor control in the switch cabinet housing. It offers 32 digital inputs and outputs as well as encoder evaluation in all axes. A user-friendly, clear and logically structured touch control panel with "Windows 10" user interface, a manual control unit with hand-wheel encoder and jog mode function provide the user with considerably more convenience. This intuitive user guidance helps to lower manufacturing costs, shorten throughput times and thus increase profitability.

A further plus is the complete safety concept with speed monitoring, standstill monitoring and spindle standstill monitoring. The EMERGENCY STOP button on the operating panel and manual control unit protect the machine and its components from damage, as well as the operator himself.

The spindle speed potentiometer (with ±50 override) can be used to set the spindle speed within the specified limits. Further features are the key switch, release button, spray button, tool changer and the manual control unit.

LNC express makes it possible

  • higher Speed
  • better acceleration
  • more flexibility and higher comfort when operating the machine

Technical data using the Impala range as an example

Comparison MCG LNC LNC express
Resolution in stepper motor mode ~ 1µm ~ 0,1µm ~0,003µm
Resolution in servo mode - - ~ 0,0004µm
Feed (max. speed in m/min) 2,6 6 9
Rapid traverse (max. speed in m/min) 2,6 6 9
Max. Acceleration (in mm/s²) 180 500 1700

Upgrade package contents

The standard conversion package includes the following components:    

  • Replace the existing controller with LNC express
  • Replace the existing control panel with new control elements
  • Replace the existing PC´s and monitor with new IPC and touch screen
  • Replace the motors and connecting cables
  • If necessary, replace limit switches and connecting cables
  • Replace existing spindle generator with new spindle generator SD2S
  • New manual control unit with hand-wheel encoder and jog mode
  • Replace the existing power electronics with a new floor-standing switch cabinet (EMC interference-free design)
  • Latest output software driver in 64bit version

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