LNC Upgrade for your LANG milling machine

With the new high-resolution 4 axis stepping-motor controller LNC compact, which is integrated in a small rack, LANG offers a modern machine-controller ready for the future. The MCG machine controller is replaced by the LNC compact.
This unique controller is already integrated in new machines of the successful Impala serie. The new LNC motor controller generation is also available for installed and older machines of the Impala series to make your machine fit for future requirements and jobs. After a replacement of the controller not only the old status is restored, further your machine will also be modernized and more powerful than before.

Raise your productivity

Depending on work-piece it is possible to save between 25% and 50% of the machining time with this new controller system. Further extensive economies and also new modes of operation can be realized by the latest version of the LANG output software LDriver. The latest LDriver software version is already part of the modernization kit. For detailed information please contact us. Raise the productivity of your LANG stepper motor machine with the new, modern LNC compact.

LNC compact

The modern controller LNC compact combines power supply, amplifier for four axis, and various analog and digital I/O on one board. In addition to the unique features of the LNC compact, other highlights of this machine controller are the small housing and the new smaller design. The LNC continuous path control is equipped with a 16 Bit controller with integrated PC104-CPU, which one allows a resolution up to 51.200 micro steps per motor revolution. The maximum speed was also improved significantly and it was increased up to 6 m / min. With motor current of 4x 6A or alternatively 2x12A + 2x2A powerful motors can be driven. The new security concept includes a speed control, which one limits the maximum speed to 2m/min during set-up mode. Because of the separate motor- and limit switch inputs a EMC safe cabling is realizable.

Not only our controller was enhanced also our famous output software LDriver was advanced.
The latest LDriver version allows to inform the machine operator about the actual position
and remaining time. A jerk-limitation allows an exact limitation.

The hand operator panel with handwheel encoder allows an easy handling of the machine during the set-up mode and replaces the joystick. The LNC upgrade kit includes a newly designed machine operator panel. A stand-up operator panel with integrated 17" display is optionally available., which can replace the machine PC and the operator cabinet at the machine.

Modernization kit content

The modernization kit contains the following components / services:

  • check of the machine by a LANG - Service Technician
  • replacement of the controller MCG -> LNC
  • exchange of the operator panel
  • replacement of the machine PC
  • exchange of the motor- and limit switch cables
  • exchange of the limit switches
  • additional hand operation unit with handwheel encoder
  • inspection of the drives (harnesses, motors, ballscrews, rails)
  • check of the installed spindle generator regarding utilizability
  • replacement of the pneumatic rack
  • installation of latest LDriver software

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