Upgrade to andronic 3060+ for milling machine LGT / LGT-S

A user-friendly, clear and logically structured touch control panel with Windows 10 user interface and the new manual control unit with hand-wheel encoder provide the user with considerably more convenience.

The user can configure his own individual user interface and thus has the most frequently required functions at fast access. This intuitive user guidance helps to lower manufacturing costs, shorten throughput times and thus increase profitability.

The modified monitor arm results in a smaller floor space requirement, as the swing radius has been reduced.

By upgrading, we offer you the spare parts security you need in case of service, enabling you to produce without unplanned and longer downtimes. Since some components have been discontinued, we can no longer guarantee such reliability with the old control system. This means you can order the upgrade in a planned manner and have the planning and production security you need.

State of the art with andronic 3060+

  • More flexibility and higher comfort when operating the machine
  • Certainty of spare parts supply
  • New Touchdisplay with flexibly configurable keys
  • Windows 10
  • New functions in LTire 8

The standard conversion package includes the following components:

  • Replace the existing controller with andronic 3060+
  • Replace the existing PC´s and monitor with new IPC and touch screen
  • New manual control unit with hand-wheel encoder and jog mode
  • Latest output software LTire 8 (New features in the pocket production, the visualization as well as the safety options)

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